Me: in brief.
After years of formal and informal study, and labouring in areas completely unrelated to my studies, I now work as a sometime editor and writer. Playing with language and occasionally getting paid for it: calloo, callay!

I’ve also lived with depression since I was twenty-one. But I’ve been chugging happy pills and controlling my mind, and now life is brighter. Still haven’t dealt with a lot of the underlying psychological causes, and sometimes I can feel the unreasoning psychopathic rage living at my core among my irrational fears, sheltered (or chained) by my sub-conscious defence mechanisms.

I am addicted to air, usually having to breathe, on average, 16 times a minute. I am allergic to the combination of gravity, acceleration and falling from any height over 30 metres. I will eat any food that won`t eat me first; however, if it has more legs than a standard cow and an exoskeleton then I probably won’t eat it at all. Nor will I ingest anything that is white, bland and gelatinous – these are the warning signs of tofu.


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