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Some Christians assert that Christians shouldn’t dance because it could stimulate sexual urges. I reject this assertion – that Christians shouldn’t dance – for several reasons:

Some acts are wrong for Christians, like using pornography, which is intended to stimulate lust; but other acts, not wrong in themselves, could lead to sin, like comparing our lives to those of others could lead to ingratitude. If dancing can lead to lust, this doesn’t mean dancing is in itself wrong. Dancing can also lead to having fun, making friends, getting good exercise, and learning a skill.


On my way home from church I was thinking about how some Christians say that you shouldn’t dance. The reason they give is because it might stir sexual desires, and the Bible says “flee from sexual immorality” (1 Corinthians 6:18).

Our desires come from within us, and external activities may steer us into or away from those desires. So it is wise to avoid activities that will inflame those desires and steer us into sin.

But the argument assumes that dancing will stir sexual desire within us, like pornography. However, I think the comparison is specious: the intent of pornography is to stir sexual desire but the intent of dancing is to express happiness, enjoyment, the flow of the heart in reaction to the music. (more…)

To the lyric writers of Christian worship songs.

I have enjoyed  been entertained by listened to your works. There are several specific aspects about lyrics in many Christian songs I would like to bring to your attention.

(1) One egregious phrase (maybe it’s just because I hear the same song so often) reminds us that Yahweh “is King above all gods”. The western world, which is the socio-cultural milieu for these songs, has eschewed polytheism for the 1,500 years. Given this, may I suggest that lyricists refrain from employing anachronistic phraseology, and instead employ lyrics that reflect monotheism.

(2) The word “Oh” (and its variant “O”) is an exclamation of surprise or of intense feeling. It shouldn’t be used as a verbal stocking-filler to meet the metre.

(3) When was the last time you ever heard someone shout the name “Jesus” in adoration? (more…)

I thought it was past time that I posted a blog again. But what about? Theology, philosophy, logic, religion? About how Terry Pratchett preaches his atheism through in his Discworld series but at least his logic seems consistent?

Or about relationships; personal development; or just me? About how people are naturally self-focussed and not to worry about what they think of you? About how I’ve started to decrease my level of medication and that though this may give the depression a stronger chance to take control, it could be beneficial because it will force me to deal with the underlying psychological issues?

The same topics come up in different guises, and I don’t know what else I can say that I’ve not already said in some post or another.

If I like a girl, I mentally test the sound of her first name and my last. I have come to realise that there aren’t many first names that gel with mine. Listening to Sonshine fm (98.5) last night, I that if I am to marry, her name must be Rebecca. For a while “Vanessa” drew my fancy (maybe it’s the combination of cvcvccv?), but now I am convinced. I may now stride – nay, strut – with the full assurance of knowledge of the Christian name of my yet-to-be-betrothed.

There are not many Christians in any milieu, apart from a church service. There are certainly few who swing dance. So here am I, one of maybe three Christian guys in my city who swing dance; seeking a Christian girl who also loves the style, and who is fun-loving, playful, neat, devoted to the Gospel of Christ; someone I can like and respect and admire. And it took the radio to show her to me. (Ironic, as I’ve the ideal face for radio and the ideal voice for mime.)

Yet the likelihood of us meeting is not great; however, I would have thought that, being who she is, Rebecca St James would have been married by now. O well, hope springs eternal, despite the beatings I give it. Maybe blunt force isn’t enough; I’ll try something more incisive.

But after coffee.

I don’t know if I am intelligent, or if I’ve just learned the right questions to ask. In any case, I’m a generalist; knowing a little about a lot: a miscellany with large chunks missing from many subjects. As a result I tend to be arrogant; or perhaps I’m naturally arrogant and I co-opt knowledge as the excuse.

But God has His own ways of bringing me down to earth. I can think of many nasty ones, so I’m thankful He has, so far, used mild means.

Behold the glory that is Perth in spring. And I have no one to share it with.

One Sunday afternoon

One Sunday afternoon

On a different note, the Perth Swing Dance Society had its monthly Club Splanky this Saturday just past. The theme, not astonishingly, was Halloween. I had several ideas for a costume; however, I couldn’t find a scythe (it would be difficult carrying it on the motorbike anyway), so that was the traditional ‘death’ costume out. (more…)

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