I’m conscious of not having posted for quite some time: things to see, places to do, people to go.

So I thought I’d whip up a brief and far from comprehensive list of bad films I’ve seen, rated from more to less entertaining; more or less. It is a very approximate list: as I recollect the various qualities of each film, the more their ranking fluctuates.

The Room
Megashark vs Giant Octopus
51 (After Dark series)
The Revenge of Dr X
The Blood Waters of Dr Z
Cosmos: War of the Planets
War of the Robots
Robot Holocaust
Star Odyssey
Dark Star
Night Fright
Galaxy Invader
It’s Alive
Manos: the hands of fate
Attack of the Eye Creatures
Plan 9 from Outer Space
The Hellcats
The Beast of Zucca Flats
Red Zone Cuba
The amazing creatures who stopped living and became mixed-up zombies
Turkish Lionman (a.k.a. Turkish Star Wars, The Super Adam Who Saved Earth, or Space Hero Lion Man).

I’ve seen other films that I felt were even worse (“worse than Manos” is a standard measure among my fellow aficionados of B-grade cinema), but I don’t remember them: if I did, they’d be on this list. Even many on the list I don’t necessarily remember that well: particular scenes stand out, or just the impression they made on me, but I’m not going to watch them again to refresh my memory.

Buffs might note that no film by Ed Wood (Plan 9 being the exception) or by Roger Corman gets a mention. Partly that’s because I haven’t seen everything they’ve made, partly because the ones I have seen are either entertaining (the original Little Shop of Horrors is a choice dark comedy), or I don’t remember them, and this isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list.