According to this news article, dogs can learn to drive.

What else could this lead to?

An increase in the number of hit-and-run incidents involving cats.

Tell the dog to fetch the paper, and he begs to borrow the car.

When a dog chases a car, she now has an even chance of catching it.

Dogs that chase their tails could naturally perform excellent donuts.

Leave your dog in the car while you’re shopping and when you return, both dog and car could be missing.

An decrease in dog ownership: how many people would call themselves a “dog person” after a week of their dog being a back-seat driver?

More traffic accidents at stop lights. “Red means stop; green means go” doesn’t mean much to a dog.

Fewer jobs for police dogs. Police can just get the driver dog to sniff out illegal drugs in its own car.

An increase in insurance premiums for listing “Fido” as an approved driver.