If you’re anything like me, you think the Zeppelin Bend is the cat’s pyjamas but you find tying it a chore. How can such a sublime bend be so awkward to form? There must be a seemly way to weave it, surely?

I decided to reverse engineer the Zeppelin and discovered that it’s two overhand knots linked together. A little more tinkering and here is the way I use to tie it. (Apologies for the brightness from the flashback.)

1. Form an overhand loop with line 1 and an underhand loop with line 2.









2. Put line 2 (with the underhand loop) around line 1, so that the standing part of line 2 is in front and the working end is at the rear. From front to back, there will be line 2 (standing), line 1 (working), line 1 (standing), line 2 (working).










3. Bring the working end of line 2 to the front and push it down through both loops.










4. Take the working end of line 1 to the rear and bring it up through both loops.










5. Tighten the lines and bring the Zeppelin into shape. Enjoy it.