In a recent forum a girl wrote:

If there were no limit…what flavor of lipstick would you like a woman you are going to kiss to wear?

This got me thinking.

Why not try to make lipsticks or chapsticks that taste like men or women? Or
ones with two flavours: for the wearer (say, a woman), it tastes like a man;
but the external flavour – for the one who kisses the wearer (say, a man) it
tastes like a woman? Plenty of opportunity to mix and match.

And you could have different nuances: women could taste a surfer one day (salt)
and a farmer the next (hint of urea and wheat); during the day a business
tycoon (the ink they use in money) and in the evening a musician (bourbon)?

Or how about different flavours for more intense kisses? Hors d’oeuvres for a
peck, appetisers for a pleasant one, main course for a good one, dessert for a
passionate one, and coffee and mints for a “o wow; I think my internal organs
just liquified.”

It would be good to tell whether you should date the girl again:

“How was your date last night?”

“It was okay: I got as far as the pumpkin soup. I thought I was going to get the roast too, but no.”

“So you’ll ask her out again?”

“Yeah, I think so.”