Today was the funeral of one of the second-generation swing dancers in Perth; one of the best known and liked. I shan’t mention his name but if you know the Perth swing dance scene you would know him. He started swing dancing the same year as I did, 2001.

He had a congenital heart condition that killed him just over a week ago; last Monday.

His funeral was today. There were several hundred people there from his family and work, and almost everyone who has been part of the Perth swing dance scene for over a year. After the service at the cemetery ended, all we dancers – about sixty of us I’d guess – did a silent farewell Shim Sham. Fitting for the first of us in Perth who has crossed over. (Let the reader understand.)

He lived his life to the full, especially since he’d started swing dancing. He didn’t have an enemy in the scene, no one had a bad word to say about him and, to judge from the grief and tears, he was genuinely loved by many people.

He left a legacy of passionate living: finding what you love doing and doing it with everything you have, and sharing it openly.

Would that I leave a legacy of that kind.