Driving home last night, I heard on the news that two men had shot each other with an air rifle. I wondered if this had been one of those “stranger than fiction” events where they wrestled for control for the gun and, each man briefly gaining control, shot the other.

But no. When the newsreader said, “They wanted to see what it felt like”, I knew what I would hear next. “The two men, who had been drinking”…

There you go. The newsreader continued, “…drinking, shot each other twice in the buttocks and in the leg.” Twice? They wanted to make sure they felt the full force?

Surgeons, finished the newsreader, didn’t want to operate yet because they feared surgery might cause further damage. Damage to what? Their frontal lobe, where one’s self-control and decision-making faculties are? Sounds like the alcohol did more than its share of damage.

Sure, I’ve wondered what it would feel like to be shot; who hasn’t? But using an air rifle? Not even a .22? They should have used a .38 or .556 (with a copper jacket of course). You don’t win respect with air pellets.