Over the last couple of weeks, this one especially, I have felt worn down and under stress.

Still no job and the funds are getting lower – no stimulus package from Mr Rudd yet, although I’m due – and the flatmate gets on my nerves; thankfully he’s not around much. Then yesterday I learned that my father, who is fighting inoperable liver cancer (his second batch; the last one was in the bowel) has been diagnosed with glaucoma and cataracts, and possibly diabetes, although that could be due to a faulty tester.

My step-mother who has been on Phenergan for migraine (pain-killers, even morphine, are about as effective as Tic-Tacs) but her current GP doesn’t want to give her any more, because she (the doctor) doesn’t “feel comfortable” with using it for migraine treatment – even though my step-mother’s migraine specialist has authorised her to use the Phenergan. Clearly this She-P has never had a migraine in her life. I shall suggest my step-mother vomit in her clinic – carpet, computer, and doctor. Oh yes, and my step-mother was also diagnosed with glaucoma, and my step-brother with, possibly, a travelling tumour in his head.

Ok, so my family has a bit more stress than I do. But I can’t just drop everything and travel over there because of the lack of funds to do so. But I’ve met up with several friends over the past week and that has been helpful in alleviating, if only temporarily, the tension I feel. I’d hate to see what my blood pressure is but a high bp is one of the catalysts for glaucoma.

I wonder what God’s trying to teach me: what I’m supposed to learn or do or give up or accept – apart from the obvious. Maybe He’s trying to break down my resistance to something or other.

Like the poster said, My mother told me there’d be times like these, but she didn’t say they’d be so bad, so often and so long.