1. Thy contact with thy partner shall be solely thoracic. Thou shalt not bring thy nether portions into contact with thy partner lest thou bump uglies.

2. Thou shalt move first thy body; thy feet shall follow, and remain under it.

3. Keep thy feet together and thy steps small. Thus shall balance and timing be preserved.

4. Economy of energy shall be maintained by placing weight upon only the tripad, which is the first two toes and the ball of the foot.

5. In movement shalt thou slide or lightly scuff the floor; not step upon it.

6. Thou shalt keep thy weight on one foot or the other. Sharing thy weight causes confusion.

7. Changes of direction shall be indicated by the tilt of the leader’s right elbow, which shall herald the shifting of weight.

8. When in doubt of the appropriate direction, remember that the left foot is to go back and the right, forward.

9. Do not depend upon the leader’s left hand for guidance, for it is a deceitful thing.

10. Preceding a return to the closed position the leader shall press the Balboa button, which is the left side of the follower’s back. The pressing of any other, howbeit soft and comely, shall make thee an unclean thing, like unto the octopus and the groper.

Do these things and thy time shall be long upon the dance floor.