A little while ago I wrote about the FFH facelift. The equipment costs an average of $100 per year, is self-administered, can be done as often as desired and can be used simultaneously with almost every other treatment: you have to be more careful with the FFH therapy after laser surgery but that’s all.

And the secret is all in three letters: F.F.H. Now for the first time, it will be revealed.

FFH = Full Face Helmet.

Yes, that’s correct; Full Face Helmet. Yes, exactly like a motorcycle helmet. This is how it works. The actions of putting on and removing the helmet cause the skin to be pulled and lifted. This movement stretches out the wrinkles as well as exfoliates your forehead and the sides of your face, creating younger, more elastic skin.

The average full face helmet costs $500 and lasts for five years before the material begins to biodegrade; hence the mean cost of $100 per year.

There you have it; the FFH facelift: absurdly simple yet wonderfully effective.