Don’t search for it. Happiness is a side effect of doing other things [1].

Be interested in other people. Relationships are the most important part of life.

Discover what is most important to you and do it. Imagine your funeral. What three things do you want people to remember you for?

Do what is important before what is urgent – unless the urgent is also important.

Live for the future. Set goals and do what you must to achieve them.

Live in the present. You can’t change the past. Make choices that will help you achieve your goals.

Take considered risks. “If only I had …” is an awful phrase. Regret brings sorrow.

Don’t worry. If what you fear does happen, you can deal with it then. If it doesn’t happen, you’ve wasted time and emotion for no reason.

Think before you speak.

Forgive other people everything. Not for their sake; for yours.

Always look for the best in all circumstances and in all people.

Every day remind yourself that you will die. It focusses you on what is important.

Be as certain as you can about what will happen to you after you die. Only then can you discover the best way to live.

[1] See Surprised by Joy, C.S Lewis.