As a friend of mine commented, the phrase “blogworthy” is an oxymoron. Compared to the number of existing blogs, the material that is worthwhile reading is scant. (It depends on how you define “worthwhile” of course.)

This is something of an apology – an explanation, that is, not a … well, an apology – that I’ve not put anything on here for over a week. I’ve been sick; nevertheless I’ve also been lucubrating, and I’ve just about finished my book on depression: another revision of it, that is. This one should be the final edition. As no publishers want to take a chance on it, I’m going to self-publish, and this means that I will do almost everything myself, up to and including the formatting and cover design. Bar one or two facts the text is done, as is the formatting. Now it’s time to work on the cover and get permissions for using copyright material and then I can get the thing printed. Unfortunately I’m not much good at drawing and I can only wait til the copyright owners respond. I’m starting to appreciate what Winston Churchill said about writing a book: it starts out as a mistress but slowly takes over until you become its slave. Then, just as you are getting used to being under its rule forever, you kill the monster and throw it to the public.

It’s probably a good thing: as my contract is expiring soon, I need to find more work. If you didn’t like my tirades on my lack of relationship and success with publishers, don’t get me started on the difficulties of finding work! But then again, I’ve always got my first book to work on, the one I started before the book on depression. It’s been simmering for a long time and is close to finished. But it’s the same problem with the publishers, and I thought I’d have more success if I published the one about depression first. We’ll just have to see, won’t we? *sigh*