On the last day of a trip to Queensland, I saw an ad touting the joy of living in Moreton Bay and concluded that Australian town planning departments either have a work environment that encourages self-actualisation through uncritical tolerance or they are staffed entirely by 14-year-old males. A reasonable deduction when you learn that two suburbs of Moreton Bay are named Humpybong and Woody Point.

Living in Western Australia I’m used to suburbs with double-entendre names: Innaloo, Upper Swan and so on. I’ve grown up with jokes based on such juvenile homonyms: about 20 years ago the R&I Bank changed its name to Bank of Western Australia, which for ease of use was abbreviated to BankWest. Although an obvious choice, whoever came up with it had clearly never heard of Doctor Spooner.

The tag line of the ad for Moreton Bay was “Ready for anything.” If an embarrassing address is the worst that the area has to offer, it’s probably a nice place to visit.