People say that religion is a crutch. Personally I think that religion has broken my legs. Who wants to believe that God finds us all guilty; that we all deserve Hell? Who wants to believe that none of our works are good enough to get us into Heaven; that we have to depend on Jesus alone?

Who wants to believe that we shouldn’t have sex until we’re married, and that we should stay faithful to that partner? And who in their right mind wants to believe that we should not only not take revenge on our enemies but pray for them – and even do good to them?! Who wants to live in less comfort than they could because they choose to give away some of their income to strangers to help them? Who wants to risk insult and ridicule, and worse, by telling other people to place all their trust in a Jewish tradesman, convicted and executed as a heretic and insurrectionist almost two millennia ago?

Not me. It stops me gaining what slim enjoyment I can from life. It’s wrong for me to keep all the money I earn for myself; it’s wrong for me to try to increase my income by illegal means; it’s wrong for me to try to seduce people I fancy; it’s wrong for me to insult people who irritate me.

And this is the crutch that people accuse Christians of leaning on.