I started with some Bal tips; here’s some for the Lindy Hop.

The lead’s first priority is to protect the follow!
The lead’s only job is to make the follow look good.
lf anything goes wrong, it’s the lead’s responsibility. (In this way, dancing is preparation for marriage.) The only time it isn’t is the ‘breast swipe’ – when doing Lindy circle, and the follow doesn’t turn fully 180` when moving into guy’s arm.

In closed position, have ‘V’ formation between guy and g.
In closed position, rock-step straight back – i.e. in 45` to straight ahead of where the couple is facing.
Keep your frame intact! i.e. Dance ‘heart-to-heart’.
The follower has to keep ‘Barbie arms’ – i.e. with some resistance, close to hip.

Styling essentials
Swing is a relaxed dance: dance behind the beat.
Put ‘bounce’ in every step: bounce down (into the floor), not up (from the floor)!
Keep your shoulders level when moving and bouncing (down!).
Dance on the balls of your feet, but keep your heels low (i.e. don’t dance on tip-toe).
Use your stomach muscles to spin.
Use your hips to turn whole body, but (usually) keep your torso in line with your hips.
The lead follows – adapts to – the follower.
The follower follows the lead (duh.)
lf either partner (i.e. the follower!) does anything unexpected: deal with it!
Lead direction, then momentum.
spread fingers on girl’s back wide – more control.

The Beginning
2 basic positions: open (facing one another) and closed (side by side, guy on g’s l side).
2 basic steps: Charleston and basic: bases of all swing moves.

Charleston: rock-step (step back w/ rf, step (on spot) w/ rf), kick fwd w/ lf, kick fwd w/ rf, kick bwd w/ rf and step down. can do holding hands (low), or not – but before do a move, take g’s rh w/ lh. Keep hips touching, so g can feel guy’s lead

Basic: rock-step; then step w/ lf, rf, lf (‘triple step’ – 3 steps in 2 beats): then double step (“step, step”), w/ rf then lf; then another triple step. Put all weight on whatever foot is on ground.