I am a frustrated writer. I’m not frustrated by writing itself, but by the publishing industry. They publish names more than books.

Straight to the point, I’ve written two books: one on depression, the other on epistemology. The one on depression is concise and thorough. It looks at what depression is, its causes, symptoms, treatments and so on, from both clinical and subjective (as someone who has depression) points-of-view. As I’m a Christian, I’ve included contains sections on how depressions affects people with issues like: suicide, the unforgivable sin and so on.

If you’d like a copy, just ask. As I say, it’s free. If enough people want copies, I can take it to a publisher, and tell them to stick it in their agenda and publish it; in hard copy that is.

The same goes for my book on epistemology (how we know what we know). It looks at the authority and evidence we use for the beliefs we hold: for example, why would telling a cardiosurgeon that “Jesus lives in my heart” probably not be an effective reason for the hope that is in you? From a Christian perspective, it also looks at issues of language and history, and where some people have gone off the rails of rational logic.

Again, if you’d like a copy, just ask: I don’t yet have a website where you could download them.