About two years ago I bought a 512 MB thumbdrive (aka a flash- or pendrive). It cost $89 and was about the size of my index finger (you can see it on the m’About page). As a writer, it has been an inestimable boon to me. Yesterday, it had connection problems: I had to waggle it about in the USB port to find the precise connection. This wasn’t a good sign, so I bought another pendrive. It’s half the size, has twice the memory, and cost $20. There were other pendrives from the same manufacturer that had 8 GB of memory: they were the same size as my new drive.

I recall the days of the first popular home computer, the Commodore 64. The ‘64’ stood for its RAM memory: 64 kilobytes. Those were the days when you ran a program from a cassette tape; and later from a 5¼ inch floppy disk. Only later was the 3½ inch floppy disk used. And now, on a device that is one-fifth the size of such a disk, we can store 8,000 times the information.

[sigh] How the mighty have fallen … Vale, vicis. Te moritori salutant.