I think it was the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw who said, ‘Most people think once or twice a year. I have made a name for myself by thinking once or twice a week.’ Friends of mine seem to have a myriad of ideas; if not quite as often as Shaw claimed he had them, then pretty close to it.

Chris developed a personal, customisable database called Inklings. (You can download it from http://Bartleys.net) He also came up with the idea for the ‘collective shame party’ (see my post ‘In the lost and found of propriety’), and his brother Paul is holding an ‘unfinished projects’ party. We meet chez Bartley, bringing some work or task that we have left to moulder at the back of the cupboard. Then, amid dinner, coffee and munchies, in company with fellow procrastinators, we finish said project, or at least make a heave in that direction.

Thumpingly good idea; it’s practicable and practical. Plus, there’ll be food. Now, I just a few components from Mitre 10 and a strong, organic, fair-trade espresso, and my phenotypic transmogifier will be up and running. Mwahahaha.