A friend asked me this the other day. I responded in this wise:

I think it’s because guys by nature are more wired for making and doing things rather than for relationships, so when they meet a girl who’s done so much – she’s all that and a lobster thermidor – they feel that, in a relationship with you, they’re in danger of being emotionally emasculated. You have done so much, they feel that you wouldn’t need them, except for the occasional smooch and foot rub, and possibly to sire a child. Doing things, achieving, highly paid careers, has traditionally been the male domain: since you have succeeded in that, guys feel that they have nothing to offer you, and because of that, fear they would lose your respect – and to guys, that is a lot.

The only exceptions are if a guy has succeeded in his own life, and if he is comfortable as he is in Christ. The danger of the former is that is he can no longer act or provide or can’t achieve – if he becomes crippled for example – his self-esteem drops and, feeling inferior to his wife’s ability, he will withdraw from her.

Copyright Troy Grisgonelle 2007.